1824A Lubricated Plug Valves

 are all iron (semi-steel) 

construction. 1824A valves can be used as a manual isolaton 
valve to provide a tight shut off .


  Maximum inlet pressure: 200 psi
  Temperature range: –20°F to 450°F

All 1824A valves have removable wrench handles. 


Some valves handles can be indexed in 45° increments, which 
means handle position may not indicate plug position (open or 
closed). To be sure a valve is fully closed, check that it is turned 
fully clockwise to stop.

Newer style valves have handles that can be indexed only in 180° 
increments, thus always indicate plug position.

In abnormally hot, dirty, or corrosive conditions, most 
shutoff  valves can deteriorate and fail to shut off  tightly. 
Frequent, periodic checking of all valves is strongly 
recommended. Per NFPA 86, these valves must be lubricated 
and subsequently leak tested for valve closure at least 

Valve position indicator is a sleeve that rotates to cover a collar 
when valve is closed, exposes collar when valve is open.

Valve open

collar exposed

Valve closed

collar covered

Bul 1824A

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Product Overview | Lubricated Valves

How to Lubricate:

 Valve should be in the open or closed 

position while lubricating. Lubricant can be introduced while 
the valve is under line pressure; a check valve prevents back 
leakage of the line contents. If valve is equipped with buttonhead 
fi tting, attach grease gun and pump the lubricant into valve until 
lubricant begins to escape visibly around neck of plug. This 
indicates that valve is fully lubricated. If valve is equipped with 
conventional lubricant screw, remove screw from stem, insert 
a stick of lubricant into the stem and force lubricant slowly 



Lubricant Screw


Tefl on Gasket



Base Plate


Check Valve

Series 1824A Lubricated Plug Valves

Although assembled with ACF No. 1033 service lubricant suitable 
for liquid and gaseous aliphatic hydrocarbon service suitable for 
gasoline, kerosene, fuel oils, crude distallates, aviation and jet 
fuel, natural gas. These valves should be serviced again with one 
stick of this lubricant before being placed on fl ow.

For valves 1824A-01 thru -8 use ACF No.1033 lubricant sticks part 
number R400-6289 (box of 6 sticks).


into valve by means of the screw. Repeat until lubricant starts 
to escape around neck of plug. Whether stick or gun is used, 
turn valve a few times during and aft er lubricating in order to 
distribute the lubricant.

  cient annular 

lubrication. Lubricate through these fi ttings as well as the stem.


 Valve opens in a counterclockwise direction, closes 


 To ensure tightness, maximum life, and ease of 

operation, the valve should be thoroughly lubricated at regular 
intervals. Your maintenance schedule for the valve will depend 
on service handled by the valve and frequency of operation. You 
can use sealant handgun R400-6210 to lubricate the valve.

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