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Figure 1. 1600 Diaphragm Air Motor with 

Wafer Type Butterfl y Valve.

The following fi gures are based on 26° movement of the air 
motor arm and 90° movement of the control valve.


35 pound-inches for standard 1600 Air Motor
245 pound-inches for motor with optional top mounted 


1600 Air Motors are compact and lightweight, with cast  aluminum 
housings. Diaphragms are synthetic rubber  impregnated duck.

All bearing surfaces are large to assure long life. Total slack in a 
properly assembled linkage between motor and valve is 0.015", 
which converts to a valve motion angular slack of only 0.296°. 
Motor and valve assemblies can be mounted in any position 
without aff ecting operation.

The 1600 Air Motor is factory set to go from fully closed to fully 
open with an air pressure signal of 3-15 psi. When the standard 
positioner is used, the "zero" point, or minimum actuating control 
pressure, while 


actory set at 3 psi, can be fi eld adjusted between 

0 and 9 psi. Factory assembled motor and valve combinations 
have linkage set for full travel and will open on control air pres-
sure increase. Reverse action is available if specifi ed.


1600-P - Integral Top-mounted Positioner

When increased torque is necessary to operate large valves 
or valves controlling dirty or high pressure fl uids, maximum 
accuracy of valve response to minute variations of impulse air 
pressure can be obtained by using a top-mounted positioner with 
the 1600 Air Motor. (See Bulletin 1600-P).

1600-B Optional Speed Control for Air Motor

Because of system design or slow span-step and response-time 
rating of the instrument, some control instruments  require slow 
responding air motors to dampen oscillations  associated with 
poor system performance.

1600- -B and 1600- -BP (with positioner) Air Motors have a 
 special volume chamber with needle valve that can be  adjusted 
for full travel speeds of 31 to 81 seconds. Consult North American 
for details. (See Bulletin 1600-BP).

1600-A Air Motor with SPDT limit switches in a  general pur-
pose enclosure. (See Bulletin 1600-A)

1600-HL Air Motor with NEMA 4 high and low limit switches. 
(See Bulletin 1600-HL).

1600-M Air Motor with dual display monitor and position 
transmitter. (See Bulletin 1600-M).

1600 Air Motor Greasing Instructions

Any soda base grease of a No. 2 or medium hard consistency 
can be used. The ambient temperature range for a grease of this 
type is -40°F to 250°F. The motor should be re-greased at least 
once each month. Grease should be forced in until new grease 
appears outside the bearing ends. Even if the air motor is not 
used, grease should not be allowed to stay in the unit more than 
48 months.


Use available torque fi gures when determining if a positioner is required.

Product Overview | 1600 Air Motors

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