The Valve Proving Device option checks that both safety shutoff 
valves in a Compact Fuel Train are fully closed before a system 
startup and after shutdown when wired and interlocked with a 
suitable flame monitoring relay as shown in the wiring diagrams 
on Sheet 1597A-5. The Valve Proving Device will halt the start-up 
sequence to a burner if it detects an open safety shutoff valve, 
thus preventing ignition under dangerous conditions. For IRI 
requirements, the Valve Proving Device can be used in 

lieu of a 

vent line.



UL listed


FM approved


NFPA 86-2003 compliant


IRI approvable (when ordered as 1595A-V with Valve Proving    

 Device in lieu of Vent Line)


AGA ANSI Z21.21/CGA 6.5: "Commercial/Industrial Safety      

 Shutoff Valves"



Pipe size  Capacity



in  cfh






  3/4   390






 11/4  1550


 11/2  1700






 System designer to determine if 23 mesh is sufficient for application.



The 1595A Double Shut-off Valve combines two safety shut-
off valves in one housing. This reduces piping costs and space 


The 1595A Double Shutoff Valve is recommended for industrial 
and commercial process heating and boiler applications that 
require two safety shutoff valves in series, with visual indication 
and FM valve seal overtravel proof-of-closure switch. They can 
be used with air, natural gas, propane and other non-corrosive 

Pre-packaged compact gastrain systems are easily created 
without additional piping by adding surface mounted devices 
such as high and low gas pressure swtiches, valve proving 
system or pressure regulator (see Bulletin 1597A).


All valve components are designed and built to ISO 9001 
standards to ensure safe, reliable operation


 Two actuators with independent valve operation.

Standard visual position indicator on first valve.

Standard valve seal overtravel FM proof-of-closure switch with 

  visual indication on second valve.

Test nipples downstream of each valve for a permanent and 

  ready means to make tightness checks.


Fast cycling operation.

Maximum operating pressure 7 psi.

Standard 1/2" to 2" NPT threaded flanges.



Compact design saves installation space.


Dual solenoids, integral flanges, and side taps reduce piping  

   time and costs.


When used with 1597A prepackaged fuel train, connecting  


pipes for surface-mount devices are eliminated.


Slow-opening provides smoother light-off.


Optimized internal contours provide a low pressure drop.  


Flow adjustment allows performance specific throttling.

Bulletin 1595A

Page 2

Product Overview | 1595A Shutoff Valve

Capacity in cfh of natural gas

at pressure drop of 1"wc

sp. gr. = 0.65 at 60°F

Catalog Combustion 2021 - Page 1437

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