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Step 4:  Air Connections

1.  Connect Out 1 Port on Gauge Block to Actuator Inlet
2. Connect Air Source to In Port on Gauge Block (Recommended
   Air Pressure 70-90 PSI, 90 PSI max.  Coalescing fi lter must be  
   used on supply air)
3. Gauges are pre-mounted on Gauge Block

Step 5: Electrical Connections

•  Terminals +11 and -12 used for 4-20mA Analog Input
•  Terminals +31 and -32 used for 4-20mA Feedback Loop       
    24VDC Powered Analog Output

Mounting Instructions | 1177E-EP2 Control Valve


Option 1:  Using the Pushbuttons and LCD Display on the 

1.  Feed in Air Pressure  
2. Feed in electrical supply power
     •  Feed in setpoint current 4-20mA (terminals +11/-12) 
3. Check mount:
     •  Press and hold 


, plus






until operating mode  

     1.3 (manual adjustment within the sensor range) is displayed. 


     •  Press





 to move the actuator/valve into the mechani- 

     cal end position; check the end positions; rotation angle is   
     displayed in degrees; for high-speed mode or if the actuator/ 
     valve do es not move, press 


and then


simultaneously to  

     move in one direction and then



and then




     to move in the other direction.
Recommended range: 
-  Between -57 to 57° for rotary actuators 


4.  Run Autoadjust
     •  Press 


 and hold down until  


 is displayed; 

     release the 



     •  Press 


 again and hold down until the countdown ends  

     •  Release 


; this starts Autoadjust 

     The Autoadjust process may take up to 5 minutes to fi nish,   
     so please be patient. When Autoadjust is complete, the pa- 
     rameters will be stored automatically and the positioner will  
     revert to operating mode 1.1 (Control Fix mode). 
     If an error occurs during Autoadjust, the process will be         
     terminated with an error message. If this happens, press and  
     hold down 




for approximately three seconds. The unit  

     will switch to the operating mode 1.3 (manual adjustment  
     within the sensor range). The mount is checked and corrected  
     if necessary. Autoadjust then runs again.

Option 2:  Using a HART Communicator

1.  Feed in Air Pressure  
2. Feed in electrical supply power
    •  Feed in setpoint current 4-20mA (terminals +11 / -12) 
3. Connect HART communicator to terminals 11 and 12 coming  
    from the positioner
4. Go online with the communicator. 
Then go to Settings

 Valve Parameters

 Auto Confi guration


Start Auto Confi guration

Performing a hard reset

In the event a hard reset needs to be made to the positioner, the 
following must be performed using the pushbuttons:

1.  Press and hold down 


 keys and at the same time press  

   and release the 

Enter button

, continue to hold 



   until countdown ends. This will take you into the confi guration  
2. Next, we will need to get into confi guration level P11.0. Press  
   and hold down the 

Enter and Mode

 buttons. Press the 


   ton until you get to P11.0  Release all buttons.
3. Press 


 and hold down until the countdown ends to        

   activate the save position. Release the 



4. Press and hold down the 


 button. Now press the 


   button until you get to P11.1 FACT_SET, FS_Load. Release 


   all buttons.
5. Press 


 and hold down until the countdown ends. 

6. Press and hold down the 


 button. Now press the 


   button until you get to P11.3 EXIT, NV_Save. Release all            
7. Press 


 and hold down until the countdown ends. 

8. The positioner is now reset to the way it would have come  
    from the factory.

*If the pushbuttons are not working, power to the positioner 
should be cycled.

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