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If the 4485 do es not suit your application, the original North 
American Tempest® and HiRAM® high velocity burners off er 
many features the 4485 SE type burners do es not. North 
American is still developing new models, and enhancements to 
our classic burners.





The 4441 Tempest® is the improved version of the innovative 
4442, the original high velocity, high excess air, nozzle mix 
burner that revolutionized the industrial heating industry. It off ers 
many advanced features, including higher velocity, wider stable 
operating range and lower NOx options. The high fi re capacity 
range is 0.13M to 5.4M Btu/h HHV. 




The 4445 Tempest® is a small diameter high velocity burner that 
can be ordered to fi t in 9” to 40” thick walls. The 4445-capacity 
range is 195K to 1.5M Btu/h HHV. They can be ordered with a 
fl ame rod, or it can be omitted for UV fl ame supervision. 

4575/6575 HIRAM



The 4575/6575 HiRAM® burners are low NOx high velocity
burners available in larger sizes. 


Tile options include:


 Slotted tiles for better temperture uniformity


 Threaded metal tile exits, for unique mounting options


 Engineered tile exits to provide higher velocities than  


    4485 type burners


 Mounting plates that give the "A" style thin wall tiles  


    an 11" length.


 Light weight ceramic tiles that can be used in up to  


    3000°F applications




 Stable operation to over 40"w.c. air inlet pressure.


 Stable operation for applications that require excess  




 Simple inexpensive cross connected control is available  


     over a wide range of operations.


 Tested with the DMC ultra-low NOx control system.


 All 4441s work with UV or Flame rod without  



    modifying the burner.


Tile exit options including:


 Round or slotted ceramic tiles suitable for up to    


    2900°F operation


 Round metal investment cast tiles (HT grade alloy)


 Special metal tile option with outside diamter of 3




    with a capacity upt ot 690K Btu/h HHV




 Stable operation for applications that require excess air  


    or fuel.


 Simple inexpensive cross connected control is available  


    over a wider range of operations.




 Sizes ranging from 4 to 25 million Btu/h HHV for natural


    gas or propane


 Available as the dual fuel 6575 for gas or light oil


    from 6 to 25 million Btu/h HVV


 Lights with direct spark or pilot (6575 pilot only)


 Available with round refractory or metal alloy tiles

4441 Tempest®.


Shown with alumina/mullite slotted tile for 

narrow lane fi ring and better temperature uniformity.

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