North American  Nozzle-Mix Gas Pilots 

for Industrial Burners 



" to 4" and in three dif-

ferent styles: Low Pressure (LP), High Pressure (HP), and Cool Boss (CB).

4020 Pilots are not recommended for the 4796/6796 Magna-Flame 
Burner. See individual burner literature for recommended pilots.

The "LP" version, designed to be used in place of some raw gas pilots, 
is an ultra low pressure pilot requiring air pressures between 0.1 and 1 
osi. The "HP" version  requires 1-16 osi of air pressure and can operate 
with a cross connected pilot regulator. The "CB" version has extra air 
passages to keep the mounting boss cool and operates with the same 
air  pressure requirements as the "HP" version. The -6 and -7 pilot 
bodies  are "sandwiched" between the metal tile and a four bolt fl ange. 
The -6 and -7 sizes have replaceable metal tiles in a number of outlet 
diameters, so a larger pilot can mount on a smaller pilot boss. See Sheet 
4020-1 for options. Use the reduced exit -6 and -7 sizes when longer 
pilot fl ames are needed.  

Two spark plug locations are provided on all 4020 sizes: one beside 
the gas inlet port and one opposite the gas port. Three ignition options 
are available. The standard 10 mm spark plug (R240-2465) is provided 
with each tip and is recommended for use with pilots that are set rich, 
or when high burner backpressures are present. The optional 10 mm air 
purged spark (4-5635-1) is recommended for pilots that continuously fi re 
for extended periods. For manual lighting, use an OA2-0401-1 slotted 
torch lighting plug.

The 4020 Nozzle-Mix Pilot Tip is available in many sizes (



through 4"), and in 3 styles (LP, HP,CB).

4" 4020-HP Nozzle-Mix Pilot Tip

100% excess fuel

8 osi air pressure




" 4020-HP Nozzle-Mix Pilot Tip

100% excess fuel

8 osi air pressure




" 4020-LP Nozzle-Mix Pilot Tip

100% excess fuel

0.1 osi air pressure


Catalog Combustion 2021 - Page 0082

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