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3065-0 through -8 mixer bodies and mixing chambers are 
machined from iron castings. The -7 and -8 sizes have viton 
gaskets on fl anged connections.

Depending on the mixer size, gas cartridge assemblies are made 
from brass, steel and cast iron, with seals made from viton and 

Mixer displacement rods are made from steel. The rod support 
plugs are made from brass on -0 through -5 sizes and aluminum 
on -6 and larger sizes.

On 3065-K models, steel or stainless steel is substituted for the 
brass parts (for use with gases corrosive to brass).

3065-9 mixer bodies and mixing chambers are fabricated from 
steel, and assembled with a viton gasket. The 1122-7-F valve 
used on the 3065-9 for gas adjustment is made from cast iron, 
stainless steel, steel and has a viton seal.


3065-  -S Aprirator Mixers have oversized throats for higher air 
capacities and mixture pressures than standard mixers.

They are useful where:

— Burner capacity do es not match a standard mixer size, e.g., 
certain line burner assemblies and special bore nozzles.

— Mixture line size is restricted, and the use of a standard 
mixer would prevent the combustion system from reaching full 

— A modest increase in combustion sytsem capcaity is desired 
without extensive re-piping.

Increasing mixer capacity in the 3065-S involves sacrifi cing 
suction effi

  ciency, therefore it may be necessary to cross-connect 

the zero governor when using a -S mixer.

When feeding several nozzles from one 3065-  -S mixer, a 
mixture manifold at least one pipe size larger than the mixer 
outlet is recommended.


3065 Mixer with rod part numbers = 3065-


3065-S Mixer with rod part numbers = 3065-       -S 


3065-K Mixer with rod part numbers = 3065-       -K 


3065 Mixer only part numbers = 3065-


3065 or -S Rod only part numbers = 3065-       -       RA

3065 with observation port in place of -0 plug = 3065-      -       0-OBS

Mixer Size (0-9)

Mixer Size (3-8)

Mixer Size (0-8)

Mixer Size (0-9)

For Use in Mixer Size (0-9)

For Use in Mixer Size (1-8)

Rod size (0-80 see table 4 on Sheet 3065-2_dims-pl)


od size (0-80 see table 4 on Sheet 3065-2_dims-pl)

Rod size (0) and -S or -K

Rod size (0-72 see table 4 on Sheet 3065-2_dims-pl)

Rod size (0-72 see table 4 on Sheet 3065-2_dims-pl)

Example: 3065-4-15

Example: 3065-7-S20

Example: 3065-0-K6

Example: 3065-0

Example: 3065-4-12RA

Example: 3065-6-0-OBS; 3065-6-S0-OBS; 3065-6-K0-OBS

For Coke oven, manufactured, and other gases 
corrosive to brass, specify 3065- -K Mixer.

(Rod not included)

(Mixer not included)

Bulletin 3065

page 6

Catalog Combustion 2021 - Page 0033

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